Institute of Mineral Processing and Mining

The Institute of Mineral Processing and Mining focuses on studies relating to sustainable exploitation and management of natural resources and application of Atmospheric Science knowledge to foster successful outcomes in planned human activities.


To be a school offering globally competitive academic programmes in geological and atmospheric sciences and a leader in innovative research that transforms lives and ensures sound management of natural resources.


To provide top quality and transformative education through teaching and learning, research and extension with emphasis on agriculture, natural resources and

environmental management.


1. Develop Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate (PGD, Master’s and Ph.D.) programmes that meet the needs of dry land agriculture, water sciences and environment management.

2. Undertake Research and Development (R&D) that provides answers to environmental and atmospheric problems encountered in the dry lands nationally and internally.

3. Develop interactive/real-time outreach systems which facilitate the transfer of knowledge, information and technology to key stakeholders for poverty alleviation and improved livelihoods.

4. Be proactive in the formulation of policies that mainstream the use of Climatological and Geological information to foster national development.

5. Create partnership with institutions and organizations involved in Geological, Atmospheric, Environmental and allied research in order to promote productivity and optimum exploitation of natural resources in the dry lands.


1. Geological Sciences

2. Meteorology



1. BSc. Geology

2. BSc. Meteorology


Graduates in B.Sc. Meteorology and B.Sc. Geology may be employed in:

    Ministry of Environment, water and Naturall Resources (MEWNR), (Kenya Meteorological Department— KMD, Mines and Geology Department, National Museums of Kenya and others).
    Ministry of Transport and Communications (Aviation industry/Kenya Airports Authority)
    Ministry of Agriculture and allied Agricultural Research Institutions (e.g. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute—KARI);
    Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) and allied Parastatals (e.g. Tana Athi, Water Resources Management Authority—WARMA)
    Ministry of Energy and allied Parastatals (e.g. Ken Gen, National Oil Corporation—NOCK, Geothermal Development Company—GDC)
    Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) involved in energy, water resources, environment and food security.
    Universities and other Tertiary institutions of higher learning (e.g. Polytechnics, Teachers Training Colleges)
    Self Employment/ Consultancies—Gem dealers, Mineral Prospectors, Ground Water Exploration, Geotechnical Engineering.

Staff Names Designation

Prof Eliud M. Mathu, PhD. Professor

Dr. David K. Musembi, PhD Lecturer

Dr. Patrick C. Kariuki, PhD. Lecturer

Ms. Mary W. Mwangi Assistant Lecturer

Mr. Noah M. Kerandi. Assistant Lecturer

Mr. Joseph Karianjahi. Tutorial Fellow

Mr. Victor Ongoma. Tutorial Fellow

Mr. Daniel Mogaka. Tutorial Fellow

Mr. Steven Okoth. Tutorial Fellow

Mr. John Mwikya. Technologist

Ms. Christine Katana. Technologist

Ms. Magdalene Mutune. Secretary


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