About us

Welcome to school of Health sciences

The School of Health Sciences (SHS) is among the youngest in South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) having been established in August 2015, with the main aim of addressing the growing need for a well-qualified human resource base, to provide solutions to the increasing challenges in Kenya’s health care delivery system. The vision of the School is to be a centre of excellence in training specialised health manpower necessary to drive the science, technology and innovation sector of Kenya’s Vision 2030.

SHS has grown rapidly over the short period of its existence and today has three teaching departments: Public Health, Medical Microbiology, and Nursing. We are now finalizing the administrative and legal processes for the admission of the first cohort of students for the BSc in Nursing in January 2018. In addition, four masters’ degree courses have been fully developed and admissions are underway.

The School boast a qualified, competent and customer oriented faculty. We are on the cutting edge of integrating teaching and research into health-related disciplines. Our students are carefully mentored through teaching and research to prepare them for a broad range of career paths in healthcare system.

We plan to launch more teaching programmes drawn from other health related disciplines in the next few years. At the same time, the University has developed a fund raising proposal for the establishment of a community-based university teaching and referral hospital over the next five years to bolster the teaching and operational capacity of SHS. The proposal has been presented to the National Government’s Ministry of Health for ratification.

Clearly, SEKU’s School of Health Sciences is the place to be for someone desirous of building a strong foundation for service in Kenya’s health sector. The following are the Academic Programmes in the School:

    1. BSc. Nursing
    2. BSc. Medical Microbiology
    3. BSc. Public Health
    4. BSc. Population Health
    5. MSc. Population Health
    6. MSc. International Health
    7. Masters in Public Health
    8. MSc. Infectious Diseases Diagnosis